Israel's 9/11 in 23

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Understanding the practicality and relevance of God's Word to the events of the day is essential to making good decisions and interpreting the Bible correctly. Understanding the times requires a comprehensive approach to applying insights gained from the Bible.
The Jerusalem Telegraphic Agency reported that Saturday morning, October 7, 2023, Palestinain terrorists Hamas launched a surprise terrorist campaign, the biggest attack on Israel in years killing over 300 Israelis, kidnapping at least 100 as hostages, and injuring over 1800. The death and casualty counts are increasing as the war continues.
What does the Bible say about such events in Israel? Israel has been in continual cycles of unrest, conquest, and captivity since the time of being delivered from bondage in Egypt and crossing over the river Jordan to return to the land promised to Abraham and his descendants. Why? Israel was destined to fail and doomed to be cursed for two reasons. First, they were in a covenant of law with God. Second, they exist in Satan's kingdom on earth.

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00:00 Relevance And Understanding Our Times
09:04 October 8, 2023 Event In Israel
13:53 Iran's Role And Declaration
24:24 The Dispute Over Two States
25:35 The Jewish Diaspora
27:10 The Biblical Explanation

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Duration 31:49
Date Oct 8, 2023
Category Teaching
Bible Text 1 Chronicles 12:32; Exodus 19:1-8
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