Days When God Watched over Me


It will be good for us to remember that sometimes, when we are going through a trial, that we may not understand the reasons why God is permitting it. We do not understand why God has ordained it. It will be good for us to remember that God always does have the best of reasons. And the greatest reason is, that He would have us to be more conformed to the image of His Son. This is the purpose of our trials, that we might have fellowship with Christ's sufferings, and come to know more of the power of His resurrection. God wants us to live by faith in Him. In this regard I want to open up to you the phrase – "As in the days when God watched over me".

Sermon ID 10923025276965
Duration 38:40
Date Oct 8, 2023
Category Sunday Afternoon
Bible Text 2 Samuel 22:29-36; Job 29:1-6
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