The Names of God 2019 -- TNOG19

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[This is live teaching in which we focus on exposition from scripture. The focus may be on exegesis of the passage, categorical doctrine related to the passage, or the isagogics that assist us in understand the setting and context that impacts interpretation. These teachings are all part of a series, and some information mentioned may depend on previous teaching in the series.]

Further review of the YHWH יהוה attribute of Forgiveness, with focus on the target of forgiveness: wickedness, rebellion and sin. Special name for the evening is YHWH Restorer -- M'shivah מְשִׁיבָה

Sermon ID 10823855361345
Duration 1:05:21
Date Oct 1, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Exodus 34:4-8; Isaiah 38:16
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