James 3 Part 2: A Perfect Man


The use of the tongue, our speech, is commanded all throughout scripture. The scripture is replete, it is filled up, with the standard of how a man of God, who is called after the name of God, ought to speak as an oracle of God. You will find it everywhere, in the way we speak to one another, in the way we speak and teach doctrine, in the way we go out in the streets and witness, the way I talk to my wife behind closed doors, the way my wife speaks to me in the home, the way my children to speak to me, the way I speak to my children. It is all in the text. The Word of God is not silent concerning the issues of the tongue. The Holy Scripture is loud, it reverberates, it repeats itself and it says many of the same things again and again and again, and it leaves you and it leaves me without any excuse to act as a fool or ignorant on, the matters of, and how sever the matters of, the tongue really are. It is not a little thing.

How many homes have been burned down by an uncontrolled tongue?

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Duration 1:02:36
Date Aug 25, 2019
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text James 3:1-5
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