King Saul Begins to Wobble


God's Word warns us not to put our trust in princes.

Yet we will continue to create kings, rulers, and institutions in the vain hope that they can rescue us from the consequences of our sin.

But they never can, and never do.

That's because they cannot address the root problem, which is our sin.

What we must have is a Savior Who can take away our sin, and reconcile us to God. Only our Lord Jesus Christ can do that, by His dying in our place on the cross, and for our crimes.

King Saul started out well - he was humble, prudent, did not seek revenge against his political opposition, and was brave in the face of danger for his people.

And yet, King Saul soon began to wobble, when he disobeyed God's commandments.

This disobedience by Saul resulted from his attempt to keep his people in line, as they fled from their enemies, and distrusted their God.

So in the end, Samuel's warning proved correct: if the people continue in their sin against God, God will destroy both them and their king.

Saul and his son Jonathan provoked Israel's mortal enemy, the Philistines, stirring them to great anger.

Israel grew afraid, and began to desert their king, by hiding and fleeing across the Jordan. God had wrought great victory before, but they no longer trusted their king to protect them, nor God's mighty power to save them.

Saul thought that he must do something to shore up his support by the people, so that he would have enough troops left to withstand a huge impending onslaught by the enemy.

He was waiting for Samuel to appear to offer sacrifices to God, but Samuel being late, Saul "forced himself" to make the offerings himself, against God's commandment.

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Duration 43:26
Date Oct 2, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Samuel 13; Matthew 26:46-57
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