The Tribulation of the End Times, Part 1


When you look at our world and all that's going on – culturally, politically, and spiritually - Christians have to ask, "Is this it? Is this the end of the world?" The disciples asked that of Jesus 2,000 years ago! And things aren't really any better.

Jesus gives us a disturbing yet strangely calming explanation: God's got this under control, and we aren't to the end yet. There's more evil, and more corruption to come. And when the end does come, it will be like nothing ever seen on the earth. And so we wait and watch for the signs of His coming – five of which Pastor will cover today and two more next week.

Sermon ID 10322222944231
Duration 26:00
Date Jun 5, 2022
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text Matthew 24:5-14
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