The Preparation for the Last Homecoming(49th Homecoming)

The Preparation for the Last Homecoming. Neh. 2:17; Rev. 7:9,13-14 [The story of a majority that forgot about home]Whenever a believer takes time to look back at the goodness of the Lord it is a time to celebrate. It is a time to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.nIf we pause for just a few moments on the roadside of life, and reflect on the goodness of the Lord we would instantly see the rich heritage of faith and blessings that have followed us along the way.Celebration is biblical. Whenever believers looked back upon what God did for them they celebratedAs Christians, we look forward to the last homecoming with great anticipation, it will be a time of great rejoicing and celebration, because then we will see old friends and loved ones and rejoice before the throne forever more!This text focuses on three homecomings of Israel detailed in the Old Testament records .the last homecoming of the Saint's as detailed in the New Testament record. It is the story of a majority that forgot about home, and a few who chose to rebuild their heritage.Israel's national prominence had been destroyed with its captivity When Ezra and Nehemiah returned they found people in Jerusalem were wrapped up in sin and had lost their spiritual focus. There are many today who share the same dilemmaThey have forgotten about home because some sinful lifestyle has distracted them.Some are captivated by the night, others by the smell of sweet perfume. Some have become slaves to Television, sex, athletic sports, alcohol, coke and crack.Their addictions have become so great that they have neglected themselves, their homes, and the church.They cannot focus on home because they are trapped in sin.

Oct 3, 2021
Sunday - AM
Nehemiah 2:17; Revelation 7:9-14
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