Sin, Confession, and Restoration


I. Sin (1:8,10)
A. Principle #1- We are sinners and we have a sinful nature.
B. Principle #2- It's possible to be self-deceived about our sin.
C. Principle #3- Sin separates us from God.

II. Confession (1:9)

III. Restoration (1:7)
A. How can we be restored?
i. Answer #1– Get out of darkness, walk in the light.
ii. Answer #2- The process of agreeing with God's verdict isn't always instantaneous.
iii. Answer #3– Survey the wondrous cross.
iv. Answer #4– Consider environmental causes.

Sermon ID 103101935252
Duration 48:31
Date Sep 26, 2010
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 John 1:8-10
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