Westminster Larger Catechism (1648) 1 of 2 (By The Famous Westminster Assembly Of Puritan, Presbyterian & Covenanter Divines)


This audio is from the original definitive edition of the WCF and its many related documents.

"These are worth an hundred victories on the battle field. We do not fear to say of them that they are the finest transfusion into uninspired language of the sublime, awful, blessed truths of the Word of God which the Church has as yet been honored to make... Never can the Covenanters be robbed of the immortal honor of having, while at the summit of their power, published this great principle to the world" noted J.A. Wylie, in praise of the Westminster Standards (cited in Johnston’s Treasury of the Scottish Covenant, p. 101).

"As truly as in the cases of the Nicene and Chalcedonian formularies, the Westminster Standards mark an epoch in the history of human reflection on the truths of the gospel--an epoch in the attainment and registry of doctrinal truth; and as truly in the one case as in the other the statements they give of the truths that fall in their sphere are scientifically final. All attempts at restatement must either repeat their definitions or fall away from the purity of their conceptions or the justness of their language." (Benjamin B. Warfield, "The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed," 1897)

The Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) and its related documents are the greatest of all the creeds of the Christian church.

The Westminster Standards are available, at a discount, in hard and soft cover format at the web link below.

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Date Aug 8, 1999
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Bible Text Hebrews 5:14; Titus 1
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