Sharing Christ's Suffering


I. Our present sufferings are nothing compared to the eternal weight of glory they prepare us for –
II. Our present sufferings are part of the Big Picture process that leads to the birth of universal glory –
III. Our present sufferings add glory to the precious hope which is now a key element in our glorifying of God –
IV. Though our present sufferings are hard and heavy we have the Holy Spirit to come along side us, helping us in all our weaknesses / helping us to pray –
V. Our present sufferings along with all else that happens to us in this life have been custom designed (skillfully mixed) by our Heavenly Father to help conform us to Christ’s image, that He might be the First Born of many brethren -

Recorded Oct 25, 2015
Published Oct 29, 2015
Bible Text Romans 8:17-18
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 102915420262
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