Zeal Without Knowledge

Jesus fed the multitude and preached to them, and they tried to make him a king, by force. His response was to withdraw from them, send the disciples away, and leave them alone. These people were patriotic Jews who wanted their nation restored to its former glory, and they thought that Jesus was the one to do it. They were very wrong. Many churches and people are making the same mistake now. They are equating patriotism and a desire for the glory of the old days with godliness, and think that there is a man somewhere who can bring them back. The kingdom of God is not about this, and where a church or an individual does what this crowd did, Jesus will still withdraw himself. He is the Lord Almighty and not our tool to achieve our dreams and desires.

Oct 22, 2023
Sunday - AM
John 6:15-21; Mark 6:52
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