May We Kill Babies to Do Good?

Featured on Jan 22, 2022

The Personhood Amendment seeks to protect all human life under the law.

But that will interfere with various "good things" that some people want to do.

Can't we keep killing unborn babies if we have a really good reason?

That is the question that opponents of the amendment are really asking.

But God's Word does not permit taking innocent life for good reasons. The failure of conservative Christians to grapple with this fact, and our love for violence and military assault and "law and order" have blinded us to the murder of innocents of all types.

In America, we no longer start with principle and govern our conduct accordingly. Rather, we decide what "good things" we want to do, and then construct a moral "principle" that allows us to do what we like.

Thus, we have abandoned almost all the founding principles, moral and political, that our nation started with. Our only remaining principle is pragmatism - if it works, it must be right! A wide range of such examples from modern life are examined.

But God's Word denounces such a mode of conduct. We may never do evil that good will come. Those who claim otherwise, God's Word declares, will suffer damnation.

All innocent human life ought to be protected based upon God's commandment against murder. The usual excuses of the "good things" that will be prohibited if we follow such a rigid moral principle are no excuse.

This is why the world rejects the Gospel: it assumes that God will do the "good thing" of letting sinners off without consequence, and that His law will be set aside.

But the Lord's Table shows us God will only act in strict justice: the penalty for sin was executed upon Jesus!

Oct 23, 2011
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Proverbs 24:11-12; Romans 3:5-8
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