Have You Touched The Lord Jesus in Faith?


There is a lot of "crowding" around Christ IN NAME — but how many of today's religionists have actually touched the LORD JESUS CHRIST of Scripture in true faith?

Here is a memorable presentation of the Gospel that is sorely needed by church members of the better sort — members who know a lot about "church-work" and religious organization, but have missed Christ in His SAVING power. This was preached with Pastor Henry Mahan and the Thirteenth Street Baptist Church of Ashland KY.

Please listen — you owe it to your soul and your eternal prospects. Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ by an intimate, personal TOUCH of faith? My friend, we do not ask this question of the gutter-sinner only, but of the religious sinner as well.

NOTE: We have been able to somewhat IMPROVE the audio on this good sermon, but regret the continued presence of a nasty HUM gained by multiple tape duplications on cheaper equipment. BUT YOU CAN HEAR THE MESSAGE — AND PLEASE DO!

Sermon ID 1024102016310
Duration 42:18
Date Jul 8, 1962
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 5:25-34
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