Oh Lord, You Have Searched and Known Me

24 ( 11 | 13 )

David's invitation for the Lord to search him is not a request that is likened to a big hug from God. No instead, David invites God to search him with a sense of trepidation for he in essence is asking God to lay siege to his life. He knows God's searching is invasive and will turn his world upside down. But this is the nature of sanctification for all believers. God's must lay siege to us and tear down the walls of resistance built by our sinful nature. But despite this, David knows that in the end of the Lord's winnowing process that he will be lead down the path of "life everlasting".

Sermon ID 1023231547202768
Duration 25:46
Date Oct 22, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 51; Psalm 139
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