[10/08/2023 PM] - “God’s Mighty Hand!” - John 10:22-30

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Come Sunday night for amazing comfort from John 10.27-30 with help from Canons of Dort 5.3. Many Christians love the imagery given by the Lord here, of being safe in His hand and the Father's hand. I pray you will attend to see more clearly how we are secure in Jesus Christ.

Responsive Reading of Psalm 89:1-18
Scripture Reading: John 10:22-30
Confessional Reading: Canons of Dort 5.3
Text: John 10:27-30
Sermon: "God's Mighty Hand!"

Theme: We are preserved by God's mighty hand in the grace He has conferred on us

  1. Those who 'listen to His voice' are the converted

  2. Having received the gift of eternal life, we follow Him

  3. But we would fail and fall away if we follow in our power

  4. We are preserved in salvation by God's mighty hand

Sermon ID 102223142936073
Duration 33:14
Date Oct 8, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text John 10:27-30; John 10:22-30
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