[10/08/2023 AM] - “Resurrection is Real” - Mark 12:18-27

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Our sense of blessing will bring us to His house this Lord's Day to exalt Him in thanksgiving. In the morning sermon, Mark 12.18-27 the next group in line to attack the Lord try to trap Him regarding the resurrection. The Lord answers them deftly and His instruction is immensely helpful to the church today, including on the question of whether we will be married in heaven. Come Sunday morning for more!

Scripture Reading: Mark 12:18-27
Text: Mark 12.18-27
Message: "Resurrection is Real"

Theme: The Lord springs the next trap by proving the truth of resurrection

  1. The priestly Sadducees intentionally misuse the Scriptures

  2. The first line of defense for the church is to know the Scriptures

  3. The reality of the resurrected state is more glorious than we can accept

  4. Our "dead" are seen by God alive – resurrection is real

Oct 8, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 12:18-27
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