Faith in Action


Faith in Action
Ruth 2
God will provide whatever we need for body and soul,
and will turn to our good whatever adversity God sends us in this sad world.
God, being an almighty God, is able to do this,
God, being a faithful Father, desires to do this.

Now how does that impact your calling?

  1. Diligence in your calling (2, 7, 17-18)
    A. The vicious cycle of discouragement (2)
    B. The diligence of hope (7, 17-18)
    C. The antidote to discouragement (20; 3:1)

  2. Contentment with your calling
    A. Blessing and your calling
    B. Focus on your calling (9, 22)
    C. Patience, endurance, commitment in your calling (8, 23)

  3. Loving service through your calling (11-12)

  4. Humility in your calling (10) - trust in him though undeserving

Psalm 8:3

Isaiah 40:27

Sermon ID 102114926514
Duration 40:40
Date Oct 19, 2014
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Ruth 2
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