The End of the Matter


The book of Ecclesiastes contrasts what it is like to live life in this vain world under the sun vs. what it means to live in submission to the Messiah. The book moves from a description of wisdom and vanity to an autobiographical description Solomon's life and then through several chapters describing life under the sun and finally to a description of old age. At the very end a plea is made for to pursue the way of godly wisdom.

Scriptural wisdom causes the godly to stay on the right path and reminds them of their duty to God. There is one Shepherd to guide and drive the people along, and His people must seek His wisdom and seek His sanctification. The beginning of wisdom is to fear god with affectionate reverence and loving respect for His kindness and salvation. For those outside of Christ, God should be feared as an all consuming fire of judgment. Wisdom also shows the way in which the commandments should be obeyed and applied throughout the days of this life, for all deeds will be judged according to the commandments.

Oct 17, 2010
Sunday - AM
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
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