Emergent Church Apostasy -Wolves In Our Midst!

Seeker sensitivity and pragmatism in church growth methodology have driven the church into EMERGENT CHURCH APOSTASY. Our irresponsible infatuation with methodology has led to a frontal assault on theology. In reality the EMERGENT CHURCH is anti-Church and anti-Christ. This sermon reveals that terrible reality with many quotes from Doug Pagitt, Brian Mclaren, Tony Jones, and Rob Bell. The compelling motives behind this message are the love of God, the love of the Church, and the love of the lost. Love motivates us to speak plainly. Love motivates us to expose the wolves in our midst. Love motivates us to call the Emergents and any that would align themselves with them to repentance. The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches has aligned themselves with the Emergent movement by inviting Doug Pagitt to instruct us in Emergent philosophy at our national conference, Equip 07, and by planting new churches that are utilizing Emergent philosophies. This message is a call to the Church at large and the FGBC to repent and to return to “The Bible, The whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible.”

THE LORD JESUS -“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” Matt 7:15

CHARLES SPURGEON -'It now becomes a serious question how far those who abide by the faith once delivered to the saints should fraternize with those who have turned aside to another gospel...

Oct 15, 2006
Sunday Service
Matthew 7:15
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