A Study of Revelation Chapters 1-3


Revelation Chapters 1 through 3

Dr. Hubbard preached a series of messages for the church where Jim Phillips was pastoring at that time. The church, Dr. Jim, and many guests had a real ball listening to Dr. Hubbard preach and illustrate his way through the book of Revelation. You will hear Bro. Hubbard refer to Bro Jim in almost every sermon that he preaches. They had a very close friendship for many years.
July 31, 1980 Dr. Harold Travis Hubbard was my father in the faith. We were as close as a father and son. He was my teacher and my friend. Dr. Hubbard was born in Arkansas August 16, 1911 he died July 15, 1998 in Shawnee Oklahoma.

Brother Hubbard spent all of his life teaching Greek and Hebrew in Seminaries in Arkansas and California, from 1931-1994. He was a shy man the most humble man I ever met. It is with great honor and humility that I place Dr. Hubbard's sermons on this website.

Sermon ID 1015141742220
Duration 49:24
Date Jul 31, 1980
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Revelation 1:1
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