Surpassing Power Belongs to God, Pt. 2


The POINT: This is what God is doing in your life, he is using all the difficult and weak things in your life to glorify Himself and to transform you.
II. God uses weak vessels to show His surpassing power (vv. 7-12).
A. God uses weak vessels.
B. To show that power belongs to Him (v. 7).
C. Struck down but not destroyed (vv. 8, 9).
D. Life and death of Jesus in our bodies (vv. 10-12).
E. Death of Jesus in believers (v. 12).

III. We are to respond by faith, hope, and courage (vv. 13-18).

Sermon ID 1014222147353852
Duration 36:41
Date Sep 18, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 2 Corinthians 4
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