[10/01/2023 AM] - “Government or God; Which?" - Mark 12:13-17

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As we gather in the morning Mark 12.13-17. Should we pay taxes? How should we respect governmental authority? Is that what the representatives of the Sanhedrin and the Herodians wanted to know from Jesus? Come to church in the morning to hear more and worship the Lord in Spirit and truth.

Scripture Reading: Mark 12:13-17
Text: Mark 12.13-17
Message: "Government or God; Which?"

Theme: The plan to trap Jesus fails as He shows the proper place of government under God

  1. Foolishness displayed: Trying to trap God

  2. Wisdom personified: Seeing clearly the trap

  3. The reason He wants the coin as evidence

  4. But serving God is always our prime directive

Oct 1, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 12:13-17
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