The Green/Communist Movement. How did we get here? You don't want to know

We start the lecture with our now customary reading of the letters we receive from the wonderful Internet congregation. The second one is just hilarious! This lady had one of pastor Chronister's lectures start playing in the Dollar Tree as pastor is saying BEHOLD!!!

There are more letters and you'll be touched by them almost as much as we are. Okay... maybe more. But these letters are precious and you'll understand that as you listen with us.

We are here on the Feist Day of Rosh Hashanah – Trumpets, and we're getting into Shabbat (Shuvah) Return, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles/Booths/Sukkot. Take a look at Exodus 25. The Feist Days that have been fulfilled, point to the ones that remain. Christ has nailed the first ones. What's the chances He'll do the same with the rest?

What follows next is a discussion of the Second Coming. Jesus has gone through His Prophet phase and He died as a prophet and rose as our High Priest, and He will return as the King Who reigns forever. So, sit back and take notes. This is where the lecture gets really good.

And later, yes, we do get back to our pastor's area of intense interest... The Heart. We'll discuss, the heart, the brain, and the mind. And we happen to have a Book that was written by the One who created and sustains these things. The really cool thing is, He even talks about these three things in His Book. You'll want to hear this part because our pastor gets himself in trouble with the radical left of this country... and other countries.

There is so much proof in the Bible that Christ talks about the heart in terms of the nonphysical. Let's compare that with what we know about it physically. You'll like this. Trust me.

Sep 29, 2019
Sunday Service
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