His Throne


The Lord Remembers - Message 8 - His Throne. During the celebration of the New Year, the people would be reminded that at this time of year kings would be crowned. While Zerubbabel was a descendent of David and in the kingly line, because of the rule of the Persians, he only acted as an Imperial Governor. He could not act in all his authority as king. But surely there was some longing among the people to see a king crowned, indicating freedom from captivity and the rule of another nation. At the conclusion of the last vision the Lord gives Zechariah a revelation that acted as a capstone for all that He had revealed that evening. And this revelation comes in the form of instructions given to Zechariah to go and find some recent emissaries from Persia who had delivered resources and treasure for use in the rebuilding of the Temple. The prophet was to take silver and gold and craft a crown from each and then weave them together. This silver crown interwoven with a gold crown (the word crown in Zech 6:11 in the Hebrew is plural) was then to be placed on someone's head. Surely the people would have expected the crowns to be placed on the Governor's head since he was in the kingly line. Instead, the Lord told Zechariah to put the crowns on the head of Joshua the High Priest. This was not only considered odd and inappropriate, but it was forbidden for a priest to act as king, or a king to act as priest. The crowning of Joshua the High Priest pointed forward prophetically to the coming of the Messiah. Under His new administration (the New Covenant), the role of priest and king would be combined in one Person and He would represent the people before the Lord.

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Duration 51:55
Date Sep 18, 2011
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Zechariah 6:9-15
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