Components of a Life of Wisdom


Components of a Life of Wisdom. Proverbs 10:4 (Words to the Wise) If you treat every task you have as important and do it diligently, your work will be blessed.A life of wisdom is like a complex, well-oiled, and well-maintained machine. It is the combination of many different parts, various aspects of life, working together to produce skillful living, success, and blessing. We have all heard of Sports Illustrated magazine but Solomon is giving his son the Biblical Illustrated Magazine version of the Bible.In the first nine chapters of Proverbs, Solomon has emphasized to his son the crucial importance of choosing a life of wisdom over a life of foolishness.
Beginning in chapter ten, he covers the components that contribute to a life of wisdom. The proverbs are the mechanics of wisdom. These wise sayings all work together to manufacture a life of wisdom. They are the components of the wisdom machine, and the energy that powers the machine is the fear of the Lord. Skillful, successful living is the integration of all these parts. These proverbs, short, clever sayings that teach vital truths, illustrate the way people who fear the Lord live.A person who makes a practice of reading one chapter in Proverbs every day (which many do) will find in any given chapter an abundance of wisdom to provide guidance through the various steps of that day.

Oct 9, 2021
Proverbs 10
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