13th Century



(Matthew 3.16-17).

There was nothing about Jesus that was not pleasing to God. The marks of the Antichrist in Revelation 13 are the exact opposite.

I. Christ's doctrine concerning the redeeming God contradicts Antichrist's apostate teaching

A. Christ leads us to worship God. (Contrast Rev 13.4)

B. Christ sets the example of reverencing God (Not as Rev 13.5-6).

II. Christ's uplifting doctrine of redeemed man contradicts Antichrist's apostate teaching

A. Christ loves & promotes his saints whereas the Antichrist persecutes and slays them. (Rev 13.7a., John 15.12-13)

B. Christ came to bring power for a holy life but the Antichrist's interest is in temporal power & self promotion (Rev 13.7b-8).

III. Christ's doctrine concerning redemption contradicts Antichrist's apostate teaching

A. Counterfeit atonement. (Rev 13.11).
B. Counterfeit worship. (Rev 13.12; 1 Timothy 2.5).
C. Counterfeit miracles. (Rev.13.13-14).
D. Counterfeit Saviour. (Rev.13.15; Matthew 11.28-30).
E. Counterfeit kingdom. (Rev.13.16-17).


We can see that by the C13th in the west, there were 2 kingdoms going their separate ways, the worldly church of the pope and the spiritual church of Christ.

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