Theistic Evolution & Gap Theory Refuted Part II


This series of messages takes on the controversial topic of God's creation of His universe, looking in particular at the Bible's teaching of an earth centered universe (geocentricity) vs. the Copernican model of a heliocentric (sun-centered) solar system that is a mere speck in a much more vast and endless universe.

In the first message of the series (split into two parts due to its length), we focus on laying the necessary groundwork for the study, which is actually the required foundation to the entire Word of God: that being a literal, young-earth interpretation of the Genesis creation account. We show in this message both the extreme theological error and also the ignorance of true science by those who claim to be Christians but hold to either Theistic evolution, progressive creationism, or the Gap Theory, all of which are no more than compromise positions concocted to mix the devil's lie of evolution with the truth of God's Word.

In addition to comparing the heliocentric and geocentric models in this series we will also look at the two separate models of a geocentric universe, debunking the recently popularized but scientifically untenable flat-earth theory, vs. the far more plausible model of a spherical earth in a geocentric universe, which theory harmonizes completely with Newtonian physics and Einstein's theory of relativity.

Sermon ID 1010151813571
Duration 40:32
Date Sep 27, 2015
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Exodus 20:8-11; Genesis 1:1-19
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