5 Sermons

Paul wrote this letter to Titus at the end of nearly thirty years as a missionary of Christ. He was born in the first decade AD in Tarsus, a small but prosperous city on the trade route from Syria to Asia Minor. Tarsus was known for its schools of philosophy and liberal arts, and some scholars believe Paul must have had some contact with these. Like most cities in the Empire, Tarsus probably contained synagogues of Greek-speaking Jews who were often as devout as their Hebrew-speaking brethren.This letter was designed to instruct Titus, to instruct the other elders on Crete who ministered under his leadership, and to instruct members in the various congregations. Chapter 1 focuses on the qualifications of the church leadership, specifically, their theology and their personal character and conduct. Chapter 2 focuses on the character and conduct of church members among themselves and chapter 3 on the character and conduct of both leaders a and members before the unbelieving world in which they lived.