The Book of Daniel
13 Sermons

The Book of Daniel contains the personal history and visions of the future of Daniel, a Jew deported to Babylon as a teenager in 605 b.c. There Daniel was trained, with young people from other conquered nations, to become administrators in the empire of Nebuchadnezzar.
The book is divided into two natural parts:
Daniel's Life and Work Daniel 1-6
Daniel's Prophetic Visions Daniel 7-12
The Book of Daniel is written in two languages: Daniel 1:1-2:4, and Daniel 8:1-12:13 are in Hebrew. The rest of the book, Daniel 2:4-7:28, is written in Aramaic. Archeology has shown that other writings of the same time share this trait.
The name "Daniel" means "God is my judge." The first six chapters of this important Old Testament book show how the conviction represented by Daniel's name guided his actions from youth through old age. Committed to pleasing God alone, this man was unshakable in his determination to do what he knew was right.

13 Sermons