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Great change.
Yes, called to be different in Christ.
Posted by Florin Motiu
    • Florin Motiu
      Great comfort.
      Oh, this message comforted and strengthened my soul today!
    • John Rees
      A Wonderful Exposition!
      I don’t think that I have ever heard a more powerful and thrilling exposition of Philippians 2:9-11. This sermon stirred my soul and lifted my heart and mind into the throne room of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you Dr. Masters for your faithful exposition of this sublime passage of God’s Word.
    • Angela B.
      Great Sermon!
      Wow, this is a powerful sermon. It was good to be exhorted to keep reaching out to our religious friends, family, and acquaintances with the Gospel. Religion is only going to lead them to Hell.
    • Florin Motiu
      Very good and powerful message. Good principles, good reminder of these so needed things in our lives. This message strengthened my heart.
    • Aileen Willoughby
      Great Sermon!
      A must hear for everyone. Dr Thomas speaks about the sheep that Jesus knows. Nothing is more important than knowing you are one of Jesus’ sheep.
    • Jeff M
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you so much, Pastor Joseph. This sermon is so powerful and memorable, hitting many right in the heart. May God continue to bless your ministry!
    • Florin Motiu
      Great comfort.
      Great comfort and strength to know God as Shepard!
    • S
      Loved this message
      How awesome is the sovereignty of God? When you are His, you are His. We didn’t earn it, didn’t deserve it, can’t buy it or bargain for it. He. Chose. Us. Not because of who we are, but in spite of what we are. Praise God for His grace.
    • M
      Christ and him crucified!
      Keep preaching it brother. Your sermons are captivating. We don't need to know Greek to get to Heaven.
    • Benjamin Formerly Mephibosheth
      Easy Salvation For Hard Sinners
    • Stephen White
      Highly recommended
      A wonderful exposition and explanation of the gospel of our glorious God, expressed with a rare combination or clarity, power, and humility. Thank you for this message.
    • Remote Lee
      A must-hear!
      A high point among many high points so far, in Fred's series on Galatians 3. Would you add to the finished work of Christ? Listen, please!
    • Paul5625
      God chose me. How it does me good to hear and believe those words. This sermon is on my "A" list for sure.
    • Judy Nations
      Great Sermon!
      I listened to the morning and evening sermons this morning and deeply appreciated both. They, and our nation's moral decline, fit well together. Messages that all should heed. Thankyou Grace for being a light that shines in the darkness and preparation for what is to come - without a national repentance and calling out for your mercy, grace and deliverance.