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    • Samantha M
      Great Sermon!
    • Shane Hokanson
      Great Sermon!
      Good Maundy Thursday message! He gave much information , factoids , Passover customs , and the reasons why we should remember this day. I "liked" it on Facebook , and posted the link on a Reformed discussion website today. This day is jammed full of lots of things - many small and bid things taking place. Enjoy & learn!
    • Julio
      Great Sermon!
      El Rev. Pastor Herbert R. Schaal trabajó como misionero y superintendente de la Iglesia Congregacional de la Rep. Argentina. Su tarea pastoral se desarrollo durante 12 años. Fue profesor del Instituto de Teología de laIglesia Congregacional cuando éste estuvo en calle San Martín 119 de la ciudad de Concordia, Rep. Argentina. Yo fui alumno de él en dicho Instituto de Teología. Regresó nuevamente a EEUU y vive actualmente en Lodi, California y a pesar de sus 84 años siempre está dispuesto en ayudar al prójimo, principalmente a los enfermos que necesitan una palabra de apoyo.Les deseo una Feliz Navidad desde ArgentinaPosadas, Misiones, Argentina. 25 de Diciembre de 2012
      Great Sermon!
      el Rev. Schaal fue mi prodesor en el seminario en Concordia, Entre Rios , ARGENTINA, FUE UNA ALEGRÍA PARA MI ESCUCHAR SU VOZ.
    • Saiko Woods
      Great Sermon!
      I couldn't have done a beter work myself! Pastor Duerr has definitely done his research and homework! It's good to see someone with the spiritual fortitude stand up and refute such arrogant and erroneous claims and Viola & Barna. What's even more shocking to me is that this "book" is being touted as something that is 100% factual and true to historical Christianity. I agree with Sean when he quoted the words of our Lord when He said "If possible, even the elect would be deceived in the last days. I did a study on the words "if possible" in the Greek, and its in the 2nd class condition implying that it's impossible for God's children to be fully deceived and follow false teachers or their doctrine because true sheep only recognizes the voice of the True Shepherd (Jn. 10:4; 7:17-18).May God continue to raise up men like Pastor Duerr who will fight against error and false doctrine in these last days and will continue to submit to the authority of the Word.
    • Sean Isaacs
      Very Timely Sermon!
      Part 1 - A friend called me today about a book called Pagan Christianity by a man named Frank Viola and George Barna of The Barna Group.Apparently the book is about how the body of Christ and the Christian Church has been wrong for 2000 years on it's view of Pastors, the local church, the church building....Just to name a few things!I decided to look up the book on Amazon and was shocked by the number of positive reviews that the book received. There were many in agreement with Mr. Barna and Viola's convictions. So I decided to do further research to see what others had to say.After searching the term Pagan Christianity, I came across this sermon/teaching by Matthew Duerr with Zion Education Seminars. This sermon did a great job in answering all the points of the book.
    • Lia Leigh
      Great Sermon!
      Dear Pastor, Thank you for your sermon. I am a missionary in Nigeria (Thank God for the internet). I just listen to you and what you said about Isaac Wats touched my heart. The anointing on your voice by the Holy Spirit has encouraged and lifted 'my head'. I am grateful. Thank you for making yourself available for God to work in and thru you. May the poor, lonely and rejected people in your congregation find comfort this Christmas in the name of Jesus. Amen! Lia Leigh.
    • Rich Turner
      Great Sermon!
      Many fantastic proofs of a young earth as supported by the Bible. This seminar is a death nail to evolution. I found the discussion on carbon 14, the shrinking of the sun, the moon’s expanding orbit, and the earth’s magnetic field incredible proofs of creation as described to us in Genesis. FANTASTIC!Thanks Matt and God bless!
    • Yechie's Cube
      Great Sermon!
      Pastor Matt reminds us that we can't find the Christmas Spirit outside of Christ. Anywhere we look other than in Christ is going to return emptiness in our hearts.
    • Gilbert
      Great Sermon!Encouraging!
      Very Sound sermon!Thanks Pastor Matthew for this encouragement.I have had by chance met up with a Muslim before during the incident that is happening in Indonesia.We shared and exchange views about Christianity and Islamic.Thank LORD for giving me,a lowly servant of HIS to be able to give him a word when he began query about this two subjects.He mentioned the word "Jihad" implying about "Holy War".But I replied that a war is not holy anymore especially there is bloodshed.How could we said something about killing and pronounce it "Holy".He agreed after listening to my explanation.He does not agree with the killings too.I have told him if you think that you suffered a injustice as a Muslim.Why don't you let GOD deal with it?As vengeance is with GOD,The Majesty.Christians suffered persecution in Indonesia too.I was filled with joy having him to open his heart to me and sharing his views.Thanks once again Pastor Matthew,without this sound preach!I think I will not have enough knowledge to ever reach out to a Muslim.God Bless You and BJU!