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Zion Tabernacle is an independent Protestant Evangelical Church. Though we dislike denominational titles we would be basically Reformed Baptist.

Our Statement of Faith is the Westminster Confession minus the Paedo-Baptist and state elements.

We are a militant church campaigning for the Truth against all the 'isms', including Romanism, Ecumenism, Humanism and Islam. We do this by proclaiming the Gospel and pointing out the errors of these systems in the light of Holy Scripture. We do this publically and at various locations where events promoting these evils take place.

In addition, we stand outside abortion clinics and Brook Clinics which channel people to abortion clinics and who hand out contraceptives like sweets to youngsters. We set up a table with pro-life literature in town centres around the area. We find this method to be very effective in reaching young people.

We campaign against New Sodom and all its works in church and state. This necessitates police protection when witnessing at so-called Gay Pride events.

We believe in the "Church Militant" and try to carry out this mandate in a Biblical fashion. We are convinced that the only answer to the ills of society is the proclamation of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Ghost.

We also believe in Christian Education and have run a Christian school in the past and would do so again should the need arise.

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Zion Tabernacle Grosvenor Park Road Chester, England