Westhill Inverness Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

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    • C
      Great Sermon!
      It is ALWAYS such a genuinely edifying pleasure as well as privilege to hear the Rev. Keddie--what a beautiful and edifying way to begin the Lord's Day here in the spiritual wasteland of the Chicago suburbs in the United States.
    • R.Linn
      To God be the Glory!
      I am grateful and my heart overflows in joy with the bountiful blessings of his word coming from a shepherd who truly loves and is a devoted servant of the Most High God! In these dark times of troubles coming over the whole world I am comforted and at perfect peace when I can sit at my Messiah's feet with so much Thanksgiving. Thank you Brother William for your faithfulness you are a blessed and precious soul.
    • atd
      Truth for all to hear
      "as the deer pants for the water." Thank you Pastor, for saying what needs to be said. This is water to the soul. I hope that all will listen and watch this message about Almighty God. These facts will never change.
    • SBG
      Be Thankful!
      There's always, always, always, something to be thankful for. This is a great sermon about how wrong it is for Christians to whine, grumble, complain, and gripe. We are so blessed for so many reasons. Thank you Pastor.
    • Matthew
      Rev MacLeod is a powerful and spirit filled preacher. My attention span is not the greatest but I can’t but hang on this gentleman’s every word. My answer to the question which forms the title to this sermon is giving in indwelling sin and following shame at my weakness. I am reading John Owen on this at the moment and God will give me the victory.
    • R.Linn
      Glory be to God!
      God bless you brother William for your faithfulness and love for the sheep of our Messiah’s flock. May those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour.
    • Matthew B
      Always edifying
      I intend to listen to every sermon Reverend Clark has here. His teaching is edifying, gentle and steeped in scripture. I came to know him through his devotionals for those suffering depression. He has a great heart for those suffering mental illness.
    • Manuel
      Great Sermon!
      Great series on Mark, thank you so much.