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    • H Hudson
      Commonsense Sermon!
      There is much commonsense offered in this sermon. As I saw the wisdom of Paul when confronted by the Pharisees and Sadducees, he knew they both were tools of Satan and Paul simply had Satanic forces fighting each other over Paul's Christian stance. In certain situations we find ourselves facing demonic opposition we should not attempt to become involved with those forces, but use our Christian background and walk away because we are not like the Apostles who could do battle with evil forces and defeat them. Our job is to promote the Holy Gospel and let the Holy Spirit cause any resulting effects.
    • H Hudson
      Outstanding Sermon!
      We see in this message how little we deserve the Goodness of God and how much He grants His Love and Goodness to us as sinners, and by His Grace and Faith in Jesus Christ we as His Select receive this glorious blessing. As a True Christian we should give thanks and blessing throughout the day for this gift of salvation so undeserved yet so graciously given by God to us. How wretched we are and yet receive salvation. What can we say or do to show our appreciation for eternal life? Thank you Christ Jesus for your sacrifice -- your death and resurrection did it all.
    • H Hudson
      Strong Sermon!
      As I listened to this sermon again much more was revealed to me. Even as a more mature Christian in understanding and following some doctrines, I see myself as a babe in the doctrine of prayer. I have much more strength to gain here. One thing I must expand is praying for oneanother --and in fact it is not an option but a Christian duty. We live in a dangerous world and in a spiritual and physical war, and each of us needs the prayer of each other. Such a great sermon that I will try to listen to it more times on a regular basis. As the sermon says, "The flesh despises prayer," which is hard to accept even when we are a Christian, but I can see it as our corrupt nature fights against God.
    • Chad Chauvin
      Highly Recommended!
      Excellent message from Daniel on God's call to advance the worldly kingdom as well as the heavenly kingdom. As Pastor Dale says in this sermon --those who have integrity, honesty, and ability will be always be highly valued by their employer.
    • Lisa
      Great Sermon!
      Lovely sermon enjoyed that .
    • Darren Arnett
      Great Sermon!
      Great truth.... unless the truth of this sermon is a reality in your life every other message will fall on lost deaf ears.
    • Arthur Kaye
      Great Sermon!
      I dont know if I could label this sermon "great", Powerfully convicting sermon is more appropriate.Glory to God for such holy ministers and for such messages.
    • Christopher Hummel
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent for the soul, Lord helping.
    • Matthew connally
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you Brother Washer,i wish there were more Preachers out there like you.Men who will tell their members the truth without apology.I hate with a passion,this easybelieveism,pray a prayer that isn't found in scripture.I thank God that my Brother Chris Connally,also my pastor,stands for the truth also,it's not popular,but if you preach the word of God,the way it should then you want be popular.Thnk you Lord Jesus for your wonderful Word.
    • Bianca
      Great Sermon!
      Every time I hear Paul Washer's sermons it reminds me of the verse in the Bible where it states that Gods Word is like a sharp double edged sword! He definitely has the anointing to preach the truth and not beat around the bush! I really appreciate his sermons, and try my best to purify myself in the Light of Scripture. He definitely encourage us to stop fearing man but to fear our God who created the earth and the heavens.Thanx so muchGod Bless
    • Rita Beckett
      Great Sermon!
      A must listen to both Part 1 and Part 2. It is a Gospel message I have never heard preached before. It was like coming "alive" to so many things that I missed in all these years as a "true" Christian. Thank You Bro. Paul Washer.
    • Tobin
      Great Sermon!
      This was a great sermon in spite of the audio issues near the end.
    • The God Of The Aged (4-Final)
      Great Sermon!
      ...forsaken or his descendants begging bread."I hope that anyone else who has the opportunity to listen to this sermon is as blessed as I was. I also hope to be faithful as the Lord has entrusted me with the very Faith that He gave Paul.
    • Chad
      The God Of The Aged (3)
      ...efficiently and effectively. It doesn't always have to be this way, but from my observations this is generally the rule rather than the exception. I am not implying that you are old! May it never be! Perish the thought! But I do believe there is wisdom in Spurgeon's remarks that apply to all believers relative to the time period they have been walking with Christ. Even the text that you preached from testifies to this. The text wouldn't have had the same meaning if it were describing the persecution of a young Paul, but since it was an aged Paul we can infer that he applied the wisdom, knowledge, and assurance of our faithful God to his decision to withdraw from the good fight, and choosing instead to wait for a more opportune time. He was battle tested, and confident in his great God who has already carried him through various trials and sufferings. This is the same God who proved Himself faithful to Paul through countless other battles previously. This is the same God who King David spoke of when he said in Psalms 37:23-25, "The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, because the LORD is the One who holds his hand. I have been young and now I am old, yet I have not seen the righteous...
    • Chad
      The God Of The Aged (2)
      ...not get work for six weeks; or, at another time, when I broke my leg." He begins telling you the history of the promises, and says, "There, now. I know they are all true." What blessed thing, to look upon them as paid notes; to bring out the old cheques that have been cashed and say, "I know they are genuine, or else they would not have been paid." Old people have not the doubts young people have about the doctrine. Young people are apt to doubt; but when they get old, they begin to get solid and firm in the faith. I love to get some of my old brethren, to talk with me concerning the good things of the kingdom. They do not hold the truth with their two fingers, as some of the young men do; but they get right hold of it, and nobody can take it from their grasp. One of the things that I was reminded of during the sermon was how the older, discerning man is able to "see" the various stages of maturation in the Christian life more clearly. There is first the new believer who has zeal, but lacks real knowledge and understanding. Then once he has developed a firm hold on sound doctrine he is often like a bull in a china shop, causing needless havoc. Then later, Lord willing, he learns to be meek and gentle, and to use the knowledge and zeal the Lord has given Him more...