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    • Unworldly
      Great Sermon!
      This is a very thorough and well done explanation of which day of the week Christ died on. The Bible is clear and history supports this. Tradition and custom are not as important as The Truth and going where the truth takes us. Thank you Pastor for giving this message.
    • Cindy & Larry Preece
      Great Sermon!
      We were so blessed listening to both parts 1 & 2 of Pastor Alex's sermon on the wisdom of showing mercy! Admittedly we were both a little convicted, especially by part 2 (a good thing!) but also now feel compelled and motivated to not waste another *gifted* day without looking for ways to show mercy on others. God has blessed Pastor Alex with a great gift! He teaches by digging deep into God's Word, makes it easy to understand and so applicable to the believer's life. We look forward to hearing more sermons! God bless Truth Matters Church!