Thompson Road Baptist Church

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    • Roger
      Great Sermon!
      His reasoning used in characterizing general libertarianism is that if one is against state prosecution of adulterY (threatening with violence since every law carries the threat of violence) then I myself must be pro adultery and am likely commuting or at least crave commiting adultery myself. I think he's confusing libertine thought (act on all desires) with libertarianism (anti-aggresion, with the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) being key, very compatible with the character of Christ teachings leading to not initiating violence/theft/etc...).Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
    • Hank, Deerfield Beach
      A Sermon for Today
      This message could have been preached as looking at the USA today. Immorality, lovers of pleasure, weak church preaching, natural tragedies, everything that is going on today. But we still don't prepare to meet our God. Expect 2016 to be a terrible year without Revival.
    • alana
      Great Sermon!
    • Genti
      Great Sermon!
    • Pastor Brad Jury
      How True!
      Tim,Thank you for this urgent plea for repentance. I am proud of you. God will greatly use you for being faithful to deliver His message!