John Pistorius, Pastor

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We serve in a little country church house that was built from bricks made from local red clay in 1869. The first congregation formed in 1870 in the German Reformed tradition. As the German Reformed denomination declined, it merged with the Evangelical church to create the Evangelical and Reformed Church.

In time, that denomination joined with the Congregationalists to form the United Church of Christ. Soon after, the congregation here left the denomination and began serving the community as an independent, New Testament church.

In 2019 after years of declining membership, a new congregation formed, calling itself Christ's Family Church. Pastor John Pistorius agreed to serve this congregation as he had the previous one. Christ's Family has grown since then and continues to meet twice weekly as we look forward to Christ's our Lord's return to gather His saints.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing is true, the Word of Almighty God has not changed.

After years of decline, the St. John's Reformed Church was forced to close. At the same time, a new congregation started meeting in the building that housed St. John's. This new gathering of believers called itself Christ's Family Church.

We have a small congregation that meets every Sunday morning at 11 am for worship. We enjoy lunch and fellowship after every Sunday service. All are welcome. We preach and teach the Bible!

If you are hungry for the Word of God, you have come to the right place. Feast! Yes feast!

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Service Times

Worship Service begins at 11am. Complimentary lunch follows the worship service each week.

Physical Address
John Pistorius, Pastor 334 W. Slippery Rock Street Chicora, Pennsylvania 16025