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For us to become a believer or grow as a believer, we must first hear from God. How we come to understand and recognize God's voice is discovered among the pages of God's Word - the Bible. When we learn how to read the Bible and understand its message, we will discover not only God's voice, but who God is, His plan for our lives and how we can live life with a sense of direction and purpose. It is for these reasons and many more that we place such a high priority on learning and understanding God's Word. Every Sunday morning you will hear God's Word shared in a simple, relevant and easy to understand way. Every Wednesday night you will study the Bible looking at each verse for keys that will unlock God's truth. If you're looking to recognize God's voice in your life, if you've been searching to know God for yourself, come join us as we journey through the pages of His Word to a truth that will set you free.

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Sunday 10:30am Wednesday 7pm
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Still Water Christian Fellowship 51 Main Street Hope, RI 02831