Ripley Primitive Baptist Church

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    • Elder Thomas Ray Floyd
      Great Sermon!
      My soul was fed as I listened to this message. I thank the Lord for the message, and the messenger.
    • PL
      Thank you
      I benefited much from how you explained God’s word in terms of its applications and realities. The word of God is our weapon and we must rely on it daily to sharpen our sword. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.
    • JD Saved by Grace
      The Word of God Preached
      Thank you for preaching the Word of God from the KJV. It has grown increasingly difficult to find ministers who're preaching sermons from the true Word of God, that is, preaching from the trusted KJB. I was about to give up after going through several pages on this site AND it was well worth it after hearing the sermon. Thank you, Elder Guess for this great sermon. God's blessings to you.
    • Andy White
      Wise Words
      Thank you for your thoughtful and Biblical examination of these challenging times and decisions, and for your clear explanations. May the Lord bless our land with healing so we can resume meeting soon.
    • Reggie
      Great Sermon!
    • Kathryne Horner
      Great Sermon!
      Inspiring!! Thank you!
    • Shebi Immanuel
      Great Sermon!
      Beloved uncle do you remember me?this is shebi son of PR.immanuel minister at good Samaritan primitive Baptist Church veeriyanthanda.i have watching your all sermons in
    • B. McCausland
      Honest approach
    • Nell Hill
      Great Sermon!
      This was a great blessing to me!
    • H Hudson
      Thought Provoking Sermon!
      This sermon asks us what and how we're using our time. In one way, if we decide to use time strictly for our pleasure, we're showing God we know better what to do with our time rather than being fruitful. Throughout the day, we should be trying to imitate Jesus Christ in various situations instead of saying we don't have time for that. Our priorities in the day shows where our affections and importance are. Do not like the world be the greatest influence in the use of your time. What greater use of time is there than studying the Holy Scriptures and giving thanks for the many blessings you receive every day?
    • Ramon Vallejo
      Great Sermon!
      Good word Mr Sacran. I have just begun to speak to the young adults in our ministry. I have been listening to your sermon and it has shed more light on the what to say to them in this area of embarrassment and accountability . Thank you
    • Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this message. I needed to hear it.
    • Universitygreys
      Great Sermon!
      Wow!! Thank you Brother Louis for your boldness. The Lord has blessed your ministry and I pray that He will continue to bless you to speak the truth in love. GOD Bless you!