Peaceful Baptist Church Of Danville
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Our Pastor is Ricky Harbour Jr,
We are a King James Bible Believing Independent Baptist Church that Preach’s All have sinned and come short of the glory of God by breaking Gods Law and that makes us transgressors of Gods law, Because of this Gods wrath abides upon a sinner, But we can obtain Salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord, Salvation is the gift of God given by Gods grace through Faith In Jesus Christ and not of works. After salvation a child of God should read the Bible, worship God,Love the Lord and serve God the best they can and honor God with their life at every chance.
If your not sure your sins are forgiven and you have the eternal life Jesus Promised to believers please message us today and allow us the pleasure of speaking with you about it.

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10:00AM Sunday School 11:00AM Sunday Morning 7:30PM Wednesday
Physical Address
Peaceful Baptist Church 1132 Berry Hill Road Danville, Virginia 24541