Pensacola Christian College

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Pensacola Christian College was an idea that came from God to PCC’s founders, Dr. Arlin and Rebekah Horton. This idea became a reality in 1974 when 100 students arrived at PCC’s one building. Forty-five years later, students now represent every state and over 50 foreign countries. PCC offers a wide variety of programs in some of the finest college facilities in America. Although PCC has grown, excellence in education and commitment to the Lord remain the core of the College’s balanced program.

Pensacola Theological Seminary was founded in 1998 when PCC saw the need to expand its practical, Bible-centered approach to ministerial training. The goal of the Seminary is to fill each student’s mind and heart with what the Bible says. The purpose of the Seminary is to prepare servant-leaders to share the gospel boldly, preach the Word clearly, and shepherd the flock faithfully.

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