Mountain View Bible Church

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      Wow! What A Great Sermon!
      Christ's Fullness Filling Me. This is truly a powerful message. It was the first sermon that I have listened to by Kyle Wilcox, but it will not be the last. There are so many sermons on sermonaudio and occasionally I come across a real treasure. This is indeed a treasure for sure! Every Christian should listen to this sermon."A person whose faith lies solely in the sufficient Christ and not in any counterfeits possesses one calling - to pursue Christ and put Him on. ... Right theology of Christ results in transformation of life and not addition to life. Life transformed!"Listen to the entire sermon and if you apply it's message to your life you will be transformed!
      Great Sermon!
      wonderful lesson and keep up Gods call
    • Brenda Bingham
      Great Sermon!
      Seth Ogden preached at Valley Bible Church in Windham this past Sunday. I didn't get a chance to speak him to tell him how much I enjoyed his sermon. It was excellent. Brenda
    • Pastor Joe Roof
      Good Preaching!
      Good sermon Seth! I am grateful that the Lord is using you to minister there at Mountain View!