Liberty United Baptist Church

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    • Kenny goforth
      Great Sermon!
      Great teaching love it brother
    • Danny Ross
      Great Sermon!
      I enjoyed the sermon , thank you for doing God work
    • Tommy Thompson
      Great Sermon!
      Awesome preaching brother Darrell, the words from God have revived me❤️ love to hear you preach
    • Nikihunt
      Great Sermon!
      Great message! Enjoy hearing this brother
    • discouraged christian
      I needed to hear this more than you know!
    • Dave
      .......But GOD!
      GOD amazes me consistently how he speaks to us through his word, I have been truly seeking more of the Lord for over a year, surrounding myself with his word and his preaching, and he has truly spoke to me through his word, last Monday I fought with going to a brothers house that I knew was bitter towards me, and I him. I showed up nervous and trust me when I say satan fought me the whole drive, but because of GOD It ended up being the best visit ever, we admitted our faults to one another tears flowed and we praised GOD and ended up talking about our precious Lord from 4:30pm to 12:05 am... because of the Lords grace and mercy, two deeply in hurt and disagreements and bitterness was able to move on and fellowship... fast forward to yesterday and I listen to this message about bitterness....praise his holy name!
    • Marcus Arnett
      Enjoyed that messege
      Enjoyed that messege brother. Nothing in this old world to turn back to. Glad for that fire. Bless you all.
    • Gods child
      The Lord Speaks
      I sure needed to hear this sermon, I have been praying about something for a very long time. I recently have gotten bitter about it thinking GOd wasnt listening to me and almost giving up because the thing I have been going through has really been unbearbale. I cried out to God the other day and asked him to send me a word to let me know that I am even saved or that he hears me when I pray..... This is the 3rd message Ive heard about waiting on God and not giving up. Thank you pastor for letting God use you to speak to me!
    • Marcus Arnett
      Great Sermon!
      My wife and I really enjoy listening to brother Kevin preach the word. I’ve shared the sermons on here with friends and we all love the preaching coming out of this church. My wife found a message brother Kevin preached about depression over a year ago. At the time she was fighting a battle with it herself. Glad to say the Lord has helped her with that, and we’ve been tuning in ever sense. I’m glad there’s still a few out there that ain’t afraid to preach about Hell. Love the old time way. Keep preaching the truth. God Bless you all from the Arnett’s down in TN
    • Follower of Christ
      Buddy That Is A POwerful Message right there!!!!! Thank you for letting God work through you to teach us!!
    • Christian Friend
      Only the Lord Knows
      Lord only knows just how much I needed to hear this sermon! Great message, amazing insight and anointed preaching. Thank you Lord for giving me this encouraging message!
    • James Branham
      Great Sermon!
      Message sent straight from Heaven! Thank you LORD! Powerful!!!
    • James Branham
      Great Sermon!
      Rock Solid message from the LORD. Old time Preaching.
    • James Branham
      Great Sermon!
      Powerhouse of a message. Makes you examine yourself. Old time preaching, Old time shouting, great service!!!