Liberty Church, PCA

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    • Dan mielke
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for your exegetical and practical sermon on Daniel 10. I especially liked your analogy of the atoms and how we take that world by faith even though it is a fact.
    • SPQR
      Great Sermon!
      Timely sermon 15 years later! Personally and nationally, a great exhortation to remember the bigger spiritual conflict around us. As God grant us victory in Jesus!
    • James Martin
      Great Sermon!
      This was excellent.
    • Jennifer Mason
      Outstanding Sermon
      Power packed with the wisdom of God. I love it when true Protestant Reformers expresses the truth of repentance and Lordship salvation.Because there are many who are out there who vehemently oppose this essential doctrine. It’s God’s command and it should be vital in witnessing to the lost and for our own souls on a daily basis.One thing I can say about the Protestants, I mean the true Protestants, they may take an oblique stance on eschatology, but when it comes to the doctrine of works verse grace, they are on the money, I thank God for their die hard commitment to the study and doctrines of grace, I believe God is pleased when His word is truly elevated by men who know the value of true grace and election.
    • Jeff Watkins
      Great Sermon!
      One of the most powerful messages I've ever heard. Dr. Cureton clearly delineates the distinctions to be seen between those who merely profess the faith and those individuals who truly possess the faith.
    • Lottie
      Excellent Message!
      Love your example of the dogs & the cows to explain what's common to our nature. Your message has given me a better understanding of things. Thanks!
    • Steve Tattershall
      A MUST Listen Sermon!!
      An outstanding message dear brother. Man's depravity and God's unmerited favour to lost sinners. My family and I was throughly gripped by the content of this sermon and the passion to which it was preached. Just a wonderful and extremely powerful sermon for all to listen to and take heed. A must listen message for the believer in Christ and the unbeliever outside of Christ.
    • Cathy Allen
      An excellent sermon Pastor Sukhia! Very appropriate and true, for the up and coming American elections in November 2016. Thank you for this message and the blessings of Christ Jesus our Lord, be upon you now and always!
    • Hank, Deerfied Beach
      Excellent Sermon!
      This message will help us when we are going through difficult times and don't know why it's happening. But hearing that God is in control of everything that happens gives us some hope and understanding right now. This is a comforting message.
    • Hank, Deerfied Beach
      Revealing Sermon!
      I heard this message one year ago and today it has even greater meaning about how much our nation has fallen. Every year God is rejected and prohibited from being made public. Just look at all the natural disasters and violence happening more each day -- we are seeing God's judgment and do nothing about it.
    • Ellen Simmons
      Great Sermon!
      This is a really great sermon for me to hear, thank you so much, God bless you!
    • H Hudson
      Great Sermon!
      As a child of God we are far from perfect and have much unbelief at times. This message will comfort us by showing how others had the same problems. Only by getting closer in Jesus Christ can we feel stronger. A very helpful sermon.
    • H Hudson
      Insightful Sermon!
      This message gives us a good understanding of the patience of God. While mankind rejects all His offerings and prefers to do it all, the result is pain and trials. When will we learn
    • H Hudson
      Must hear Sermon!
      I listened to this again and was deeply comforted by it even more than before. To know that God chose me, I did not choose God was a blessing that cannot be more comforting. Many will argue and hate this Doctrine, but it is Truth and if study the Holy Scriptures, you will accept it also.
    • H Hudson
      Revealing Sermon!
      This gives us great insight for Praising God and Worshiping God. Too often we don't see these are necessary parts when we are in Church, and even when we are alone at home thinking about God and our salvation. Excellent insight.