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    • B. McCausland
      Clear teaching
      When Christian women follow Christ in this particular they start the path of sanctifying consistency, which may develop greater fields of conviction, and growth for them, and for the particular Christian community they belong to.Biblical identity develops in the body of Christ when distinctiveness derived from separation unto the Lord is practiced.Sadly, the Bible translation used when developing the topic got in the way, though it was wisely amended as the exposition proceeded on. It would be advisable to redefine the word tradition as an ‘ordinance’ meaning what ‘is given to follow’, as it figures in the AV. Thanks any way.
    • Jeremy Gardiner
      Great Sermon!
      This was really good! Clear and biblical. Highly recommended.
    • Philip Tan
      Great Sermon!
      Praise God for The Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen
    • Sherry Smith
      Great Sermon!
      David,I am and have been so blest by your message that I have passed it on to friends. I appreciate the scripture, insight, and encouragement the Lord has given you. Thank you! Sherry Smith
    • Anthony Yates
      Great Sermon!
      This sermon was filling to me and I really got full off of it. I thank God for you, I ask that your prayers be with me and that God strenghten me in my patient towards my nieghbors and family members I ask that you keep me in prayer.God Bless.
    • adam bower
      Great Sermon!
      I'm a ccu grad. Listened to you a lot in school. It's nice listening in Ohio. Keep up the good work.
    • Evangelist P.M.Abraham
      Great Sermon!
      May the Lord use you. Thank you for the book Biblical Eldership. I refer this best book for my new book about pastoral ministry in Malayalam. It will be published shortly. I am anEvangelist ministering in North Kerala. God enabled me to write some books abour toungues speaking and Charismatics. Kindly send the materials in my email address.
    • Wallace Lawson
      Great Sermon!
      Alex, Many thanks for this stirring reminder of our need for the word of God, approproiately preached on my anniversary of my birthday! Thanks. Wallace
    • Thomas Sullivan
      Great Sermon!
      As I listened to this sermon yesterday, a number of reasons came to mind why I appreciate this kind of solid and interesting examination of a historical narrative in Scripture. The delivery is very well done, as usual. I also found the illustrations edifying and intriguing. The illustration about the pastor who was used in as a fill in for years because the flock were not instructed as well as the Christian who went into a lengthy spiritual declension because his good name was falsely maligned - excellent applications. But maybe it was because Pastor Strauch is so honest about his and our human condition - how weak we our when left to ourselves that makes David's declension so self-applicable, all of these make me cherish this kind of preaching. Thanks again!
    • Thomas M Sullivan
      Great Sermon!
      Having listened to Lou Priolo and S M Davis on this subject, I downloaded this sermon here sometime ago. I was only familiar with Pastor Strauch through his book on Biblical Eldership. I burned the sermon to a CD and listened to it with my wife. It was as good or better than others speakers I have heard on this subject. Pastor Strauch is a great addition to Sermon Audio.
    • Thomas M Sullivan
      Heart Searching!
      Once in awhile I hear a sermon that is so convicting I have to listen to the sermon twice in a row to make sure that it doesn't lose the proper impression on me. This sermon is certainly one of those. Pastor Strauch is an excellent communicator and I am the better for having discovered his preaching.
    • T M S
      Glad to see these sermons here
      I am familiar with this pastor only through his books, most notably Biblical Eldership. This title is spoken of very highly and has sold a number of copies, so I am also interested to listen to his sermons. A bio. of Pastor Strauch would be nice.