Independence Reformed Bible Church

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Our Vision

Embracing a long term view of an expanding victorious Church in time and history as God’s program to redeem a fallen creation under the work and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism and discipleship.

Committing to equip the family to live out its God given
responsibility to nurture and mentor children, and to engage and influence the culture for Christ through generational faithfulness

Teaching and applying all of Scripture and the Law Word of God, the standard of righteousness in all areas of life, as it applies to the individual, the family, the culture, providential history, and biblical doctrine.

Facilitating and encouraging the body life of this local community of believers as they use their gifts and abilities to minister to, encourage, edify, and build up one another.

Recent Sermons (717) 344-6464
Service Times
Sunday School: 9:00 AM Sunday Worship: 10:15 AM
Physical Address
Independence Reformed Bible Church Meeting at: Conestoga Christian School 2760 Main Street Morgantown, PA 19543