Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church

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    • Chris W
      Great Sermon for Today!
    • Bart Jones
      I needed this
      I am struggling as I prepare for a preaching appointment. As a lay minister, zeal and passion need to be maintained so that you are ready to give an account. I am on the road a lot for my job and find myself alone many weeks in a row. I find the more I spend studying God's word through these trips the more prepared I am when I get back home to minister to my family. I am glad that there are so many resources I can take with me. Sometimes the fight in my flesh is to simply open up the book. If I have 10 things to do I can get them done, but if I have one thing to do I seem to put it off until the last minute so that I still have something to do. We can think about doing something all day long and never actually get around to doing it. God bless.