Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church

Here's a thumbnail sketch of our church. We are an independent, autonomous NT church which loves the Lord, one another, the people of God, and our neighbor. Our assemblies are devoted to offering spiritual sacrifices of praise, prayers and preaching. We worship the God of the Bible.

We know that Jesus Christ is the impeccable Savior, the God-man; that He died to save his people from their sins; that every sinner is commanded to repent and believe in Him.

We know that the gospel should be declared, not offered; that God's election of grace will receive it, and the rest shall continue in their condemnation for sin against God.

We know that Moses' law is put away; that God's Law is satisfied; that the KJV Bible is the full revelation of God for the English-speaking peoples of the world for this time.

We know that every church is a spiritual, local body only; that none of them were ever Catholic or Protestant; that the charismatic gifts of the 1st century were discontinued as the inspired revelation of the word of God came into written form; that the so-called Christian holidays should not be allowed place in the services because they are of pagan origin and therefore full of lies; that the public-leading efforts of the assembly should be led by our men and not the women or children.

We know that there is a first and a last resurrection; that the idea of a rapture has deluded many Christians from being prepared for the coming of the Lord; that there is a pre-millennial coming and reign of Jesus Christ.

We know that there is a literal hell and eternal punishment of the unjust; that there is a most glorious eternity awaiting them that have believed in Jesus Christ to the saving of the soul.

These are samples of the truths that the Spirit of God has been pleased to reveal to us through the Scriptures.

This is the Faith of the Saints of this church according to God’s Holy Word.

Contact Information
Physical Address

Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church 50130 S. Caswell Lakes Loop Willow, AK 99688-9604

Mailing Address

Hidden Hills Sovereign Grace Baptist Church HC 89 Box 1420 Willow, AK 99688-9604

Basic Information
Mar 11, 2014
Listen Line
(712) 432-3410
Service Times

Sunday ... 12:00 PM (Greeting, Bible study, singing, 30 min. break, & message.
Wednesday ... 7:00 PM
Church bldg. phone 495-4445

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