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    • Kerrie
      Powerful sermon - we are Isaac
      Wow! Just wow! An awesome and very heart felt thankful wow.Beautiful and simple sermon but so much depth.We deserve the punishment but God provided the substitute.
    • Kerrie
      Fantastic series - highly recommended
      I've already listened up to the Noahic Convenant in this series and I'm looking forward to the rest of this series as well as Series II and III. It is excellent and I highly recommend it to all Christians.Dr Greg Harris explains it so simply and I'm learning some new things and other things are being clarified.As he says, if we don't believe the first 2 books of Genesis then we have to throw out 1 or 2 NT books and if we throw those out then we have to throw out others.If people don't believe in creation then they don't believe in a creator and then there is no accountability.
    • Art Rivero
      Great Sermon!
      You mentioned that 'you hoped "this made sense"' just before you closed... Pastor Harris, I feel that I have been enriched through your teaching in and of this series far beyond anything that I deserve! With that said, may you be blessed by the Lord for your faithfulness in righty handling his word!
    • Arturo
      A blessed illumination of God's word
      Thank you. This entire series has been a rich store of grace delivered to the saints in and of an anointed shepherd of God. Praises! To His Glorious Name - in Christ!
    • Jennifer Mason
      Thank You
      I thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I am amazed at why people believe the Church has to be removed so that God must restore Israel.
    • Jerry Teets
      Looking for Jesus!
      Dr. Harris affirms the truth of the pre-tribulation rapture as separate and distinct from Jesus' second coming. He does an excellent job of teaching from the the Bible on this topic.
    • Jennifer
      Great Sermon!
      I have been tremendously blessed by this teaching. What a blessing to be able to delve into God's treasure chest of wisdom.I've never had this portion of Scripture explained with such succinct wisdom and knowledge before, and I've truly searched, thank God, I've found it!
    • syleen from PA
      Great Sermon!
      having just been introduced to by a good friend, I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sermons so far on Revelation that I have listened to. Your sermons absolutely make me hunger for the next one which I await with such excitement. You do such a good job to set the timing. Going between the old and New Testaments so well. I was so glad to see that the Lord had shown you Ezekiel I had been sharing those things about the temple etc with others who did not believe it. Even my own husband and an ex-minister friend of ours. But I knew what the scriptures said in the Old Testament about Israel. Thank you for giving me verification. You are wonderful. I wish I could find a minister teacher like you here. May God's blessings pour out on you. Amen
    • Shaun T. Marksbury
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for letting us know. I've re-uploaded the file and all seems well. Blessings in Yeshua. :)
    • Randy
      No Sermon! :(
      There is no audio recording :(. Any way you can please load it.Thank you n YHWH bless you.
    • Gloria MH
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for posting this message. It is so comforting to hear how the Lord Jesus is coming for His redeemed to take us to the Father's house. As things stand in the world today, when we see and read in the news so much chaos and turmoil, I am comforted by the Word of God and await for the fulfillment of His promise. Whether I will fall "asleep" or whether I will be caught up with all the saints in the air to meet the Savior, it is well with my soul. Either way, I get to be where He is always because of what He has done on the cross on my behalf. To God be the glory!!
    • RITESH
      Great Sermon!
      Good Sermon ! Clear and focused !! God bless him !
    • Mike Williams
      Excellent sermon from an excellent Bible scholar!
    • Mike Williams
      Great Sermon!
      Latest sermons are not appearing on the Speaker Download list on my iTouch. Any ideas to correct? (Dr.) Harris was my favorite professor in SEBTS in Wake Forest and it's truly a blessing to listen to him each week. The church I currently attend is slowly succmbing to emergent church teachings and I need real Bible study to aid me in redirecting the flock where I can.
    • Shaun Marksbury
      RE: Can't download?
      Thank you for letting us know. There was a problem with the file that is now corrected. God bless!