Biblical Distinctions [2023/4]
17 Sermons

Biblical Distinctions 1
These messages will provide the believer with the basic principles of Bible interpretation, and studying such truths as the 3 tenses of salvation, justification vs. sanctification, good works and salvation, salvation vs. rewards, entering the family of God vs. fellowship in the family, the 7 deaths, the 7 dispensations, Israel vs. the Church, and the various ministries of the Holy Spirit, etc... (18 Lessons)

Biblical Distinctions 2
Continuation of Biblical Distinctions 1: Discerning and distinguishing from the Scriptures the biblical covenants, Gospel of Kingdom vs Gospel of Grace, the 3 different Hells, the different resurrections, 7 baptisms, the 7 major judgments, the punishment vs. discipline of God, etc.(13 Lessons)

17 Sermons